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What Personal Trainer Solutions Can We Provide?

Have you worked hard to improve your health and fitness, only to reach frustration and see limited results?

You could be doing all the right things, yet still fail to see positive changes in your body. At Genesis, our personal trainers focus is on improving the quality of your life outside of the gym. We build a foundation for fitness and vitality through a science-based approach to wellness that extends beyond the walls of the gym and outside of the two to four hours you spend training each week. Our personal trainers in Thousand Oaks passion and mission is to help you live life without limitation. Genesis Performance can help with a custom workout plan fit for your lifestyle!

A Healthier You Begins With a Personalized Workout Plan

Genesis Performance and Fitness is the seamless solution to help you improve your weight loss goals with a personal trainer in Thousand Oaks. Our one-stop-shop streamlined wellness and fitness nutrition program is designed with you in mind. Working with a team of personal trainer professionals who support you to live life without limitations, you can achieve an optimal lifestyle!

Everyone who steps through our doors is different. Knowing this, our personal trainers work with each individual’s specific body type and personal needs to achieve outstanding results. At Genesis, our personal trainers build your foundation from the ground up, addressing movement and mechanics to reach quantifiable goals! In turn, changes can be seen in less than one week!

Our Mission

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Our focus is singular: to get a personal trainer in Thousand Oaks to work closely with you to achieve amazing health & lifestyle results.

We desire to empower people to live life without limitation through personal training for fitness, wellbeing, and sustained vitality.

We understand that not everyone has the time nor the ability to train with us in person. With our concierge-style virtual coaching program, Genesis Lifestyle, you’re able to reach your goals while keeping your busy schedule.

The Genesis approach is based on YOU: your goals, your needs, and your challenges! This is about helping you live the life you want and make real, lasting changes to improve the quality and quantity of your years on this earth. Genesis personal trainers in Thousand Oaks science-based wellness approach believes in educating and inspiring people to truly live their lives without limitation – however they may define that limitless life!

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