Executive Program

Executive Program

The Genesis Executive Program uses the latest technology to leverage our local training and coaching facility infrastructure, combining it with a virtual coaching and lifestyle platform. This hands-on, private training concierge-style program is the solution for health and wellness challenges for any busy on-the-go executive.

With private gym access and a personalized workout plan Genesis gives you the tools to reach your goals! If you’re strained with a busy schedule, a qualified private trainer in Thousand Oaks who can coordinate a diet plan and workout plan is just the answer!

Start Your Custom Executive Program at our Private Gym in Thousand Oaks Today!

The Professional's Problem

Running a successful company takes hard work, time and energy. Once you’ve completed another long meeting, another tight deadline, or another red-eye business flight, the idea of fitting in a workout or preparing a healthy meal seems borderline impossible. You want to do more for your health, but you don’t have the time nor energy. Our private trainers craft a personalized workout plan that fits your schedule and lifestyle!


Reach Your Goals Today, Not Someday

For the Genesis Executive Program, we’ve taken our state-of-the-art, personalized fitness system and adapted it to fit the busy, frequently-mobile nature of the professional. By empowering leaders and top-tier professionals to accomplish their wellness goals, the Executive Program fits seamlessly into any lifestyle.

With attainable 30-, 60-, and 90-day goals, DNA testing, personalized meal plans and strategies, your busy schedule doesn’t have to be a limitation. Contact us today for more information regarding a personalized workout plan and custom nutrition program in Thousand Oaks today!