5 Reasons to Incorporate Circuit Training in Your Workouts

Like most fitness enthusiasts, you probably have a favorite workout routine. However, some workouts are more efficient than others, enabling you to get the most out of the gym in a short time. Circuit training is one such exercise. Keep reading to learn why this popular training method is great for building strength and enhancing your cardiovascular health.

What Is Circuit Training?    

Circuit training is when you perform a variety of exercises in quick succession with very brief rest periods. The low-resistance weight training involves a little cardio exercise during each 2-3 minute circuit. Besides providing cardiovascular benefits, this approach to fitness lets you build muscle tone and definition.

The good thing about circuit training is that it’s versatile and can be structured in interesting and effective ways. For instance, you can incorporate free weights and gym equipment with cardio exercises between each set. Alternatively, you can perform body workouts like sit-ups, push-ups, jumping squats, high knees, and a lot more. You don’t have to lift weights or work with machines to get maximum workout results.

Adding circuit training to your weekly exercise routine provides unique fitness perks such as:

  1. Sessions Provide Great Strength Training and Cardio Outcomes

    With circuit training, you can maximize results by doing full-body workouts. Performing cardio with weight training lets you efficiently burn calories for weight loss while boosting your overall fitness. Since your breaks are short, your heart rate is increased and kept high. In addition, different muscles throughout the body are being worked to boost muscular strength and endurance.

  2. Circuit Training Is Highly Efficient

    With proper technique and structure, circuit training can produce amazing results within a short time. It’s ideal for busy individuals looking for one of the most effective workouts ever. In 25-30 minutes, you can be done with your routine for the day.

  3. Increases Your Metabolism, Accelerating Weight Loss

    Any exercise that boosts your metabolic rate is excellent for weight loss. By keeping your heart rate high throughout your sessions, circuit training speeds up the rate at which your body expends calories. This rate stays up throughout the day, including when you’re resting. At the end of the day, there’s reduced excess energy left to store as fat in your body.

  4. Encourages Exercise Compliance

    Do you sometimes struggle with keeping a consistent workout schedule? A fitness program may be effective, but adherence to it can be a challenge if it’s boring or takes too much of your time. Circuit training works for most people because it’s interesting. It involves effective cardio exercises sandwiched between strength training workouts, with very little equipment needed.

  5. Experience Fitness Improvements Sooner

    For most people, fitness results are the most important factor in exercise compliance. They’ll quickly abandon weight-loss programs that take too long to materialize. Circuit training can be a great choice for individuals that need to feel better and see results to keep going. With the mix of body workouts, you complete per session, and the shorter rests in between, muscle toning and weight loss can occur fairly faster than otherwise possible.

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Jenna Dillon

Founder & CEO

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