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Lifestyle Performance Coaching (LPC) is the foundation of the Genesis approach to holistic and integrated health.

LPC is designed to create new interpretations of our 6 pillar approach for the new world ahead of us. With a minor shift in language that is more relevant and updated for today’s times. LPC encompasses workouts, but so much more than that, which is important more now than ever in the present climate. because of people’s mental state and their struggle to maintain normalcy.


These are unprecedented times, and many of us are feeling disconnected and struggling to maintain the routines that keep us healthy in both mind and body. Genesis understands that, especially during these times, the continued support of our valued clients through Genesis’ unique holistic approach is more important than ever. This is why we’ve created our Virtual Training program that includes our “comprehensive integrated approach to health and vitality”.

Strategic Eating for Optimal Health



The Genesis Executive Program rekindles your vitality, energy and personal power with our 24-7 concierge-style approach, custom programming, seamless service and personal coaching. Our unique methodology provides hands on support to ensure you reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

How It Works

We re-imagine health and longevity as a “whole life” approach for real people who want to not just live, but thrive.

Letter from the CEO

Learn where we’ve come from and where we’ll take you.


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