5 Micro Habits to Turn Your Life Around for the Better

It is not unusual to admire results and frown at the process required to achieve them. This is because the process is mostly tedious and unpleasant. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to torture yourself to attain the desired results. For instance, micro habits can lead to a huge transformation within a relatively short period.

Here is a look at five habits that can turn your life around for the better.

  1. Create a Schedule for Each Day

    It’s unlikely you wake up planning to waste your whole day. However, without a plan, you might waste the day with nothing to show. With this in mind, it is wise to create a schedule for each day, preferably the night before. A schedule will guide you on the tasks you must complete for the day and help you manage your time well. Remember to arrange your tasks according to priority and outsource some of them where needed.

  2. Rest When Necessary

    A study from the University of Pittsburgh revealed that older people who are fatigued are likely to die within the next three years. While you can easily dispute these claims, especially if you’re younger, the truth is that fatigue isn’t good for your health. Always find time to rest amid your busy schedule. Every rest, however short, refreshes and re-energizes your body to handle other tasks better. If you overwork yourself without rest, you will likely get exhausted, and this will affect your productivity and your health and shorten your life span.

  3. Have a Manageable Exercise Regimen

    Regular exercise can make you happier and more fulfilled. This is because it improves your physical and mental health. However healthy and fit you are at this moment, consider incorporating and prioritizing regular exercise into your lifestyle. A simple workout regimen will help keep your body in shape without interfering with your busy schedule. For example, jogging for just 10 minutes daily is enough to keep your health in check and is way better than doing nothing.

  4. Track Your Expenditure

    Poor spending habits such as impulse buying can cause you to overspend your money and end up financially stressed. Commit to tracking your expenses and adopting appropriate financial management habits. For instance, always have a shopping list, and stick to it whenever you go shopping. This way, you can avoid unnecessary spending and manage your finances better.

  5. Limit Your Screen Time

    Too much screen time increases your risk of sleep-related problems, diabetes, and obesity. While you may be using your computer or phone to do important tasks such as compiling work-related reports and responding to emails, you still need to mind your health. To achieve this, turn notifications off to get a break from your technology, and avoid using digital devices for leisure. Also, schedule important tasks for a specific time to create screen time gaps in your day.

These micro-habits can change your life, provided you adopt and practice them consistently. Our experts at Genesis Performance can help you optimize your physical, mental, and emotional health and live a happier, wholesome life. Get in touch with us right away to learn more!

Jenna Dillon

Founder & CEO

Jenna is an Executive Coach committed to working with high performing individuals and companies who are up to exploring what they’re capable of achieving within their lives, careers, company culture and leadership. She is passionate about empowering her clients - standing with them and for them - so they have the tools to create extraordinary results.