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5 Micro Habits to Turn Your Life Around for the Better

It is not unusual to admire results and frown at the process required to achieve them. This is because the process is mostly tedious and unpleasant. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to torture yourself to attain the desired results. For instance, micro habits can lead to a huge transformation within a relatively short period. Here is

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6 Common Stress-Induced Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices

While a direct link between heart disease and stress is yet to be established, individuals who’re continually under stress often make lifestyle choices that increase their likelihood of developing diseases like heart disease. According to the APA (American Psychology of Association), Americans engage in harmful behaviors such as smoking, comfort eating, poor diet choices, and inactivity to help manage stress.

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5 Lifestyle Choices to Help You Live in Your Prime

Often, poor lifestyle habits prevent us from achieving optimal physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Here’s a look at adjustments you can make in your everyday living to optimize your overall health and possibly add years to your life. Get High-Quality Sleep Every Night Regular high-quality sleep is good for your overall well-being. About 7-9 hours of uninterrupted slumber allows your

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