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5 Micro Habits to Turn Your Life Around for the Better

It is not unusual to admire results and frown at the process required to achieve them. This is because the process is mostly tedious and unpleasant. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to torture yourself to attain the desired results. For instance, micro habits can lead to a huge transformation within a relatively short period. Here is

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How a Personal Trainer in Thousand Oaks Helps You to Get in the Right Mindset

Instill the use of your personal trainer in Thousand Oaks to get in the right mindset of working out regularly. Most of us find that working out isn’t necessarily a difficult task. However, finding the motivation to get to the gym can be difficult. Working with a personal Trainer in Thousand Oaks helps you tackle all those what-ifs so that

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How to: Realistically Track Fitness Progression

Don’t forget to track fitness progression to see results. Sometimes, you can do the same old workout routine, and not see any results. Whether or not you’re not challenging yourself or have become stagnant in your program, you may have reached a plateau. If you’re not sure how to best track fitness progression, read on for the top tips! Write

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