How Your Health and Fitness Can Improve Your Career

While it can be hard to focus on your health and fitness when you’re busy and stressed with work, research reveals that maintaining a consistent exercise schedule is vital when it comes to career trajectory and work performance. In fact, showing up at work but underperforming in your responsibilities due to underlying medical issues (presenteeism), can be a major hurdle in your career advancement.

Here are five ways in which your health and fitness can improve your career.

  1. Exercise Boosts Your Productivity

    If you want to boost productivity in your life or work, you should consider establishing a regular exercise schedule. A 2017 study published in BMC Public Health journal found that workers who include movement in their daily work, are better at performing cognitive tasks and meeting demanding schedules. Consequently, such workers can deliver higher qualities and quantities of work. Another study published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management reveals that workers who include a 30 to 60-minute exercise routine in their workday improve their productivity, on average, by 15%.

  2. Exercise Boosts Cognitive Function

    High work productivity often requires concentration and mental focus. Studies reveal that exercise improves thinking and memory skills.  Exercise can also help alleviate sleep disorders, such as insomnia. By exercising, you can improve your ability to concentrate, focus, and make better decisions. All these aspects are essential if you want to develop your career to the highest level possible.

  3. Exercise Lowers Stress

    Put simply, exercise gets your body to release mood-enhancing chemicals that can help you cope better with stress. Additionally, exercise helps deplete stress hormones. It’s like the built-in stress management system in the human body is unlocked through exercise. The mood-boosting chemicals can also help you relax, and this is when you’re optimally productive, compared to when you’re agitated or overwhelmed.

  4. Exercise Helps Prevent Illness

    Your ideas, insights, and abilities won’t bear fruit if you’re ill, and therefore, unable to put them into practice.  Sickness-related work absences cost employers in the U.S billions of dollars every year. Regular exercise helps lower the risk of you developing many medical conditions. Regular exercise can boost your immunity, lowering your risk of severe health issues, including hypertension, obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

  5. Exercise Boosts Creativity

    Exercise can help you gain new insights if you’re developing an idea, wrestling with work problems, or struggling with writer’s block. When you’re stuck in such situations, you should consider hitting the gym, taking a walk, or doing anything that gets your blood moving. A study published in the American Psychology Association reveals that you’re more likely to come up with creative ideas while walking than when sitting.

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Jenna Dillon

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