5 Lifestyle Choices to Help You Live in Your Prime

Often, poor lifestyle habits prevent us from achieving optimal physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Here’s a look at adjustments you can make in your everyday living to optimize your overall health and possibly add years to your life.

  1. Get High-Quality Sleep Every Night

    Regular high-quality sleep is good for your overall well-being. About 7-9 hours of uninterrupted slumber allows your body and mind to recharge so you can wake up revitalized and ready for the day ahead. Sleep helps your body repair cells and boost your memory. In contrast, not getting enough sleep can impact the longevity of your life. Also, problems like sleep apnea may be a sign of underlying health complications. Regardless of how busy you are in your daily life, opt to get a good quality night’s rest as regularly as possible.

  2. Mind Your Diet

    Eat well-balanced meals that provide the right amount of energy and boost your body’s immune system. If you’re unsure about the right foods for optimal health, you could try the Mediterranean diet. It provides key nutrients and minerals that can lower your risk of many diseases.

    The Mediterranean diet is popular because it’s dominated by fruits, vegetables, healthy oils, and whole grains. It also includes a lot of herbs and spices. It’s an ideal alternative for highly-processed foods or meals with artificial sugar and refined grains. One study found that eating this diet regularly can lower your risk of health complications like cancer, stroke, and heart problems.

  3. Exercise Regularly

    Regular workouts are some of the safest and most efficient self-care options available today. You should dedicate 30 minutes of exercise every day to protect your heart health. If you can’t do intensive exercises for health reasons, consider lighter tasks like mowing your lawn or cleaning your windows.  Find an activity that you enjoy and will do regularly.  If you “dread” exercise or find it to be a chore, you are less likely to do it consistently.

  4. Check Your Weight

    Unchecked bodyweight eventually leads to obesity, a condition linked with a shorter lifespan and a host of health complications. So, if you have an abnormal body mass index (BMI) or body fat percentage, you should consider exercising and changing your diet.

  5. Check Your Alcohol Consumption

    Moderate alcohol consumption isn’t bad for some people. For example, two drinks per day for men and one for women may reduce the risk of heart disease. Despite its protective benefits, alcohol can cause significant side effects in some people, including destabilizing blood sugar, poor sleep quality, and alcohol becoming a crutch for stress reduction. If you can, avoid this beverage altogether. Heavy drinkers face a higher risk of serious health complications and life problems, such as heart problems (high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.), cancer, suicidal tendencies, aggressive behavior, and so on.

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Jenna Dillon

Founder & CEO

Jenna is an Executive Coach committed to working with high performing individuals and companies who are up to exploring what they’re capable of achieving within their lives, careers, company culture and leadership. She is passionate about empowering her clients - standing with them and for them - so they have the tools to create extraordinary results.