Tips to Optimize Your Brain Waves for Elevated Levels of Consciousness

Numerous studies have shown a direct relationship between different consciousness levels and brain neural firing at different wavelengths. At any particular time, your cognition and consciousness are a direct outcome of the frequency of your brain waves. Not only can you measure these brain waves, but you can also manipulate them to achieve higher states of consciousness or the “awakened mind.”When you attain the awakened mind, you’re able to perform at the highest level, whether you’re a lawyer, teacher, composer, or athlete.

Read on to learn about the five detectable brain waves and what they do.

5 Detectable Brain Waves

The modern electroencephalogram (EEG) can pick up the following five types of brain waves:

  1. Gamma brain waves-These are characterized by synchronous neural firing at the frequency range of 40 to 100Hz. You’re likely to have gamma waves when your brain is engaged in high levels of creativity or intellectual function. The waves are associated with the genes responsible for your body’s anti-inflammatory properties and regulating the expression of stress genes.
  2. Beta brain waves-Although useful, these waves do not represent the most ideal state of mind (12 to 40Hz). Negative emotions, such as anxiety, frustration, and fear can trigger these waves. However, it’s okay to have healthy levels of beta brain waves as these can enhance information processing and linear thinking.
  3. Alpha brain waves-You’ll want to experience the calmness of alpha brain wave states consciousness at 8 to 12Hz.  These characterize a balanced and optimal state of relaxed awareness. They connect the beta and gamma states of mind on the one side with the theta and delta brain waves on the other. The alpha waves play a key role in elevating moods and emotions.
  4. Theta brain waves-A modern EEG will pick up these waves when your brain is in the most relaxed state and during light sleep. Hypnosis and highly creative states of consciousness are associated with theta brain waves.
  5. Delta brain waves– These are common during high levels of intuition and meditation. The waves occur during deep sleep, and you can experience them when you’re able to connect with the nonlocal mind.

The Awakened State of Mind: Reaching Higher States of Consciousness

You can optimize your brain waves to reach an awakened state of mind. One study found that people with strong spiritual practice experienced this higher state of consciousness. Also, high levels of alpha brain waves were registered in the brains of such individuals, according to the research. The finding suggests that, for one to achieve the optimal state of consciousness, they need to have a high concentration of alpha brain activity.

The alpha state is special in that it’s in the middle of the detectable brain waves spectrum, connecting the waves above (gamma and beta) to those below it (theta and delta).

By practicing meditation, you can shift your consciousness levels to harness the power of the five different brain wavelengths. The main technique here involves creating an alpha bridge in your mind, enabling you to tap into the benefits of both low and high-frequency waves.

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Jenna Dillon

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