Perfect Your Nutrition in Thousand Oaks: Stop Eating When You’re Full

A personal trainer can train you to practice mindful eating to fine-tune your nutrition in Thousand Oaks.

Are you so busy that you wolf down every meal without much thought about the food? More and more people these days want to know how to perfect their nutrition in Thousand Oaks, yet are in the habit of inhaling their food every meal. Our approach extends “beyond” diet and exercise; it addresses all aspects of wellness altogether in a holistic and thought-conscious way. Eating Mindfully is a term thrown around these days in health magazines and websites. Even so, it’s an effortless way to cut back on calories and get closer to your weight goal.

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is all about changing how you eat. Why stuff yourself when you’re trying to lose weight or ravage your food only to be left hungry and eat more (that you actually don’t want or need)? Find out how to get started on this today!

Put down your fork between bites – After each bite, give your fork a rest instead of loading it up with the next mouthful. When we slow down, it gives us more time to tune in to our body’s cues. When you eat mindfully, you aim to feel satisfied instead of weighed down from stuffing yourself.

Cut down your portions – Do you often feel that your eyes are bigger than your stomach? We’re conditioned to fill up our plates and eat everything on them. However, we may not actually need a whole plate full of food. Slice your meal in half from the start, and you’ll be surprised that it’s enough to fill you up.

Turn off the TV – When we eat in front of the TV, we concentrate on the show that’s playing and not on our food. If you’re not engaged with your meal, you’re not going to appreciate it or allow yourself to practice mindfulness. Put down the remote control and keep your eyes on the plate.

Drink a glass of water half an hour before a meal – Sometimes people mistake thirst for hunger. Stay hydrated to ward off any misleading signals before you fill up!

The team at Genesis Performance & Fitness understands that meal management is an integral part of the wellness process. Take strides towards a healthier lifestyle with a holistic and comprehensive approach – leaving no stone unturned! For all of the advice and direction that you need to get started, talk to your personal trainer in Thousand Oaks! Contact the team at Genesis Performance & Fitness for personalized plans to help you live life without limitation.

Jenna Dillon

Founder & CEO

Jenna is an Executive Coach committed to working with high performing individuals and companies who are up to exploring what they’re capable of achieving within their lives, careers, company culture and leadership. She is passionate about empowering her clients - standing with them and for them - so they have the tools to create extraordinary results.