Why the 10-Second Balance Test Could Make You Rethink Your Life

As you age, your body will gradually lose its ability to perform some activities. For instance, you may develop a shorter memory span, suffer fatigue from not-so-vigorous activities, and experience balance decline as you advance past your 50th birthday. However, it may be difficult to realize the impact of age-related changes on your overall health and wellness. To this end, the 10-second balance test may be an eye-opener to reveal the truth about your health status. Here’s detailed information on this topic.

The 10-Second Balance Test at a Glance

The 10-second balance test involves standing on one leg for 10 seconds without supporting your hands or body anywhere. In this test, the other leg should rest on the back of the knee of the standing leg. The 10-second balance test can help determine your overall health status.

Tips to Improve Body Balance

It is possible to improve your balance and pass the 10-second balance test. Take note that the main goal here is to improve your overall health, not just to pass the balance test. The argument is that being able to stand on one leg for at least 10 seconds indicates that your overall health and fitness is at a satisfactory level, especially if you’re 50 years old and above.

Do the following to improve your body balance:

  • Stretching – Body balance largely depends on the flexibility of your muscles. Therefore, focus on making your muscles more flexible, and your balance will improve with time. Stretching is one perfect physical activity that can immensely enhance your muscle flexibility.
  • Strength-training – To keep your core and legs upright, your muscles must be strong. One great way to strengthen your muscles is by taking part in strength-training exercises. Such activities include lifting weights, performing squats and push-ups, and using resistance bands.
  • Walking – Walking is an effective way of increasing lower-body strength and flexibility. This, in turn, enhances your entire body balance. Keeping this in mind, incorporate walks into your daily schedule, which will help improve your overall health. Remember, you should start with short walks and gradually increase the length and intensity of your walks. Equally important, ensure you eat a well-balanced diet. This is necessary as it supplies your muscles with essential nutrients for developing strength and flexibility.

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In general, the 10-second balance test can help you understand your state of health. This will enable you to make crucial lifestyle decisions to improve your health and longevity. At Genesis Performance, we can help you adopt customizable holistic fitness and health plans in your daily life. Contact us today to learn more!

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