Having a Personal Trainer in Thousand Oaks Can Keep You Motivated

A dedicated personal trainer in Thousand Oaks helps you to accomplish your goals.

For many of us who workout alone, we do the same routine over and over again. While you’re still exercising daily, you may not be moving towards your desired goal. Whether you’re looking to get in shape for the New Year or simply trying to feel better year-round, hiring a personal trainer in Thousand Oaks is one of the best things that you can do to improve your fitness. A dedicated coach is there to keep you motivated and to tailor your workout plans so that you can keep moving forward.

Check out what a motivating personal trainer can do for you!

Set short and long term goals

When you determine your goals, they should be specific, measurable, realistic, and timely. Instead of saying, “I want to lose weight,” a smart goal would be something like, “I’m going to lose 15 pounds by December 31st, 2016” or, “I’m going to master the 300-pound squat within four months.” Having a reminder of what this is all for is essential to keep going – and the trainer reminds you of that just when you’re about to quit for the day.

Track your progress.

Sometimes along the path to a really big goal, we can be quick to lose sight of where we began. If you’ve gained lean muscle and strength, a trainer is there to remind you of your starting point, as well as how close you are to that long-term goal.

Encourages you to be your best self.

A key component of a personal trainer is that, even when you’re feeling less than 100 percent, they coach you to work your best. There are always going to be days when you’re feeling unmotivated, tired, or stressed. A personal trainer helps you to work through the problems by releasing tension. So, even when you’re not feeling your best, you’re able to work your best.

Going at it alone can be daunting. Receive personalized fitness plans to suit your body and lifestyle so that you can live life without limitation! For more information on how to obtain your goals while tracking your fitness, contact Genesis Performance & Fitness, located in Thousand Oaks, California.

Jenna Dillon

Founder & CEO

Jenna is an Executive Coach committed to working with high performing individuals and companies who are up to exploring what they’re capable of achieving within their lives, careers, company culture and leadership. She is passionate about empowering her clients - standing with them and for them - so they have the tools to create extraordinary results.