The Same ‘Ole Workout Stopped Working For You?

Sneaky reasons why you’re not getting results.

We all know how fantastic working out is for your health. But what happens when all the time, effort, and exercise isn’t paying off? Perhaps you’re not getting the results that you should be getting. While any physical activity is good, some workout plans are better than others, and many factors come into play when trying to lose weight and tone up.

If your workout isn’t working out for you, one of the following reasons could be to blame.

You’re doing the same ‘ole thing.

Do you step into the gym and hit the same machines each time? Whatever you do every day, whether it’s pushing weights or running miles, your body eventually gets used to it. Your body is amazing at becoming adaptive. Cardio increases your endurance and aerobic capacity, while lifting weights strengthens muscle. If you’re doing one more than the other, you’re going to struggle at some point. Sometimes, a fresh and new routine is all you need to start seeing results – immediately.

You switch it up too often.

On the opposite end of spectrum, some people never complete the same workout two weeks in a row. Many people hit up a few spin classes, move onto yoga the next day, then get bored and try out running. By ‘program hopping’, you don’t allow your body enough time to advance at any one workout routine. Pick a discipline to develop before moving onto another routine.

Your body is stressed.

Factors outside of your routine, such as work drama, financial troubles, or a relationship on the rocks can trigger a stress response in your body and cause your cortisol and inflammation levels to skyrocket. Eventually, if those exercise and life stressors become too much, your body is going to start breaking down rather than getting stronger between every workout. More often than not, a little R&R is needed!

If you’re someone who has tried everything to improve your health and fitness but are just lacking results, it’s time to evaluate what you need to change. Contact Genesis Performance and Fitness to get started on a solution designed around you. We’re located in Thousand Oaks, California but serve individuals across the nation.

Jenna Dillon

Founder & CEO

Jenna is an Executive Coach committed to working with high performing individuals and companies who are up to exploring what they’re capable of achieving within their lives, careers, company culture and leadership. She is passionate about empowering her clients - standing with them and for them - so they have the tools to create extraordinary results.